Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 25

Jacob Schoeneberger

The July 29, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

Jacob Schoeneberger can’t say enough about the great cast on Jessica Jones. Ritter is perfectly cast in the title role, Rachael Taylor provides a really great balance of strength and vulnerability to Trish, Moss is nailing the toughness of Hogarth, and Tennant provides just the right levels of cunning and malice as Kilgrave. Every episode has Jacob Schoeneberger on the edge of my seat!

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger is currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The fifth episode begins with a flashback to 18 months ago where Jessica is working a desk job she clearly hates. She catches a coworker embezzling funds and demands he fire her with a severance package so she won’t tell HR. Then she meets Trish for happy hour and Trish gets hit on by a chauvinist jerk. So Jessica challenges him to a contest of strength.

We all know how this story ends. Jessica smokes him royally and afterward Trish tells her she should be using her powers for something bigger. Jessica tells her that she, Trish, should be running around the city in a cape. Trish says she would if she could. And that’s the major difference between Trish and Jessica. Trish wants to save the world and Jessica just wants to be left alone. That’s one of the sad ironies of human existence and it’s something Jake Schoeneberger thinks about a lot. Some people make the most of the gifts they have, and some just take them for granted.

In the present, Jessica is figuring out what’s going on with Malcolm. She sees pictures online and realizes that before meeting Kilgrave, Malcolm was sober and looking healthy and happy. But Kilgrave has now addicted him to heroin and messed him up badly. Jessica follows Malcolm to his meeting with Kilgrave. When she sees Kilgrave she panics. It’s almost impossible for her to be in the same place as him.

The next day Jessica shows up at Trish’s place, but Trish is in bed with Simpson. Jessica barges in and tells Trish her plan is to hit Kilgrave from a distance with the anesthesia using a rifle. Simpson says it’s easier to just kill him, but Jessica needs to exonerate Hope and she can’t do that if Kilgrave is dead. So Simpson says he’ll help out with the plan.

He takes Jessica to a safe house where Jessica can hold Kilgrave once she gets him sedated. Though Jessica consistently dismisses his attempts to help, the guy was special ops in the military and he’s a cop and he knows how to handle situations like the one she’s undertaking with Kilgrave. Plus, he seems like a genuinely good guy. Jacob Schoeneberger is thinking Jessica should accept his help when it’s offered. Plus, he and Trish will make a good couple.

Jessica receives a call from Hope so she goes to see her in prison. Hope needed money and we can tell she’s having a really rough time in prison. Jessica tells her she’s close to getting Kilgrave, but Hope doesn’t seem too optimistic.

In flashback scenes, Jessica saves a girl from getting hit by a taxi by stopping the car in its tracks. Then later, Trish is showing her a mock-up superhero outfit and though Jessica scoffs at it (as she is so wont to do), she does admit that she’s thinking about becoming a “superhero.” While the scenes are funny, it actually makes Jacob Schoeneberger pretty sad. Jessica was on her way to putting her powers to use, but I bet it was Kilgrave that spoiled all that.

In the present, they set their plan into motion. Jessica tails Malcolm to where he meets Kilgrave. Simpson will shoot the dart gun, Jessica will grab Kilgrave’s sedated body, and Trish will drive the getaway car. Just as Simpson is approaching to make the shot, Jessica sees that Kilgrave is looking right at him, so she creates a diversion. This allows Simpson the moment he needs to take the shot and he hits Kilgrave right in the neck. When Kilgrave goes down, two guys come up to take him (probably brainwashed to act as security for Kilgrave). But Jessica knocks them over, picks up Kilgrave, and gets him to the van. Trish drives away.

When they arrive at the safe house, Jessica realizes Kilgrave is wearing a tracker but it’s too late. His security team arrives, and Trish gets hit with a taser. Simpson and Jessica fight with the security guys but there are just too many. They’re able to rescue Kilgrave out of the back of the van and take off. Dang, have to admit Jake Schoeneberger thought they had him on that one. Note to self, Jessica, always check for trackers. That’s superheroing 101.

One bodyguard is left behind so they tie him up and threaten to torture him. But the guy is completely in his right mind, not brainwashed at all. He works for a security firm and Kilgrave is a client of the firm. Jessica says questioning the guy will do no good because Kilgrave will just stop using that firm anyway and disappear.

Back at her building, Jessica enters Malcolm’s apartment to stop a dealer who has a gun on Malcolm because he has no money to pay for his drugs. After Jessica kicks the dealer out, Malcolm says to Jessica, “You can’t save me… again.” Then we see a flashback scene where Jessica takes out a couple guys who were beating up Malcolm. And watching it all is Kilgrave. Tennant is so remarkably terrifying as Kilgrave from the moment he meets Jessica that Jacob Schoeneberger is cringing every second.

In the present, Jessica chains Malcolm in her bathroom for his detox period. Malcolm tells her he didn’t take pictures of her just because Kilgrave brainwashed him, but sometimes just for the drugs. She’s forgiving him though because she understands what it’s like to have your mind taken away. She says he needs to give up the drugs in order to save her. So she gives him the choice and throws the drugs on the floor where he can reach them.

Upon waking up from the anesthesia, Kilgrave calls Jessica. He says he’ll let Malcolm go free if Jessica continues sending him pictures of herself every day. He asks her to send a pic right away, but she waits. She goes to check on Malcolm and he’s thrown the drugs into the toilet. So she sends Kilgrave a pic in order to spare Malcolm’s life. Looks like Malcolm and Jessica are both betting on each other.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

Now that they’ve played their anesthesia card, it’s hard to imagine how they’re going to take Kilgrave down. That’s a seriously sinister trick, having the power to control someone’s mind immediately. This one has Jake Schoeneberger pretty puzzled, but I’ll enjoy the ride finding out.

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