Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 31

Jacob Schoeneberger

The August 22, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

No idea what Hope’s sacrifice will lead to on Jessica Jones. But one thing is for sure, Jacob Schoeneberger says it better darn well be worth it! All this trouble was all for Hope and now we’re left wondering if it was worth it.

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger is currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The eleventh episode begins with a flashback to Jessica awakening in the hospital after her accident. She overhears Trish’s mother telling Trish that they’re adopting Jessica to cover up some bad press from a fire that Trish caused at a night club. The whole reason Trish’s mother even stepped up on Jessica’s behalf was all a PR move for Trish’s career. Sheesh, that’s pretty slimy of her.

In the next scene we see the aftermath of the incident at the bar. Jake Schoeneberger would have to say my favorite part is Robyn crying about how terrible it was to have been under Kilgrave’s spell. Oh wow, really Robyn? Was it? We all know you want justice for Ruben, but holy cow could you have screwed all this up any more royally? Hmm let’s see here, so there’s this guy who mind-controls people and Jessica is trying to stop him, but I think I’ll lead a charge to her apartment, knock her out, and then remove the mouth covering off the guy she has tied up. Yeah, that’s a great plan. Duh, Robyn, duh.

Then when Jessica tries to get them all on the same page in the story they need to tell the police, Robyn says she can’t lie and wants to turn Jessica over for justice. It’s only after Jessica explains that she’s the only one who’s immune to Kilgrave, therefore the only one who can stop him, that Robyn backs off and at least goes along with the story to the police.

Trish picks Jessica up after she gives her statement to the police. Jessica gets a lead that a hospital morgue got a John Doe in, so she wants Trish to take her there to see if it’s Albert. Boy, Jacob Schoeneberger is thinking Jessica must be tons of fun at a party.

Now Trish on the other hand, she’s awesome. They have to bribe the guard at the morgue and, because he loves fine food based on the magazine he’s reading, Trish is able to get him a reservation at the fancy restaurant of his choice. Now that’s the kind of friend to have right there. But unfortunately, the John Doe isn’t Albert.

After the morgue visit, Trish insists that they both need sleep because they’ve been through a lot. Jessica says she’ll just walk home, which we all know means she’s going to keep looking for clues on Kilgrave, but the part that really annoys Jacob Schoeneberger is that she leaves Trish to head home alone. Come on, Kilgrave is out there somewhere looking for revenge on you and you leave your best friend alone? Trish doesn’t have superpowers like you, and she isn’t immune to Kilgrave’s mind-control, Jessica. You need to look out for her.

Jessica spends the entire night going hospital to hospital with no luck. By morning, she’s starting to see things. She sees someone who she thinks is Kilgrave so she runs into the street after him and gets hit by a car. But it wasn’t him to begin with.

In her studio, Trish is doing a show when Simpson arrives. He apologizes for his behavior and says Kozlov’s drugs were messing with his head. He also says he quit the program, but Jacob Schoeneberger feels like there’s something fishy about his 180-degree turnaround here. And he gets weirder when he asks if she’s seen Jessica. Yeah, there’s no trusting Simpson now.

Jessica texts Trish and Trish picks her up. Back at Trish’s apartment, she tries to patch Jessica up after being hit by the car. Jessica has broken ribs but doesn’t want to see a doctor because she heals fast.

As she lays resting, Jessica has flashbacks to when she first moved in with Trish and her mother. They’re fighting about Trish’s career and Jessica is in the bathroom freaked out because it makes her so uncomfortable. She then breaks the sink and realizes she has powers now. Trish comes into the bathroom and sees what Jessica has done. Now they have to come to the agreement that Jessica won’t tell everyone about the abuse Trish receives, and Trish won’t tell anyone about Jessica’s new powers.

Jessica then gets a text from one of her morgue contacts, but this time she discovers that Clemons has died in the fire at the safe house. And once again Jake Schoeneberger is reminded of how many good people have fallen at the hands of Kilgrave, all in the name of exonerating Hope which has now been lost. Jessica tells Trish that she thinks Kilgrave doubled back to burn the place down to destroy evidence, but soon enough they’ll find out that it wasn’t Kilgrave who did that at all.

Trish says she’ll meet Jessica at Jessica’s place, but when she walks out her door Simpson is there. He tries to be charming in telling Trish that he likes her, but he can’t hide the fact that he’s weirdly obsessed with knowing where Jessica is and he’s using Trish to get to her. As they argue, the elevator doors open and two of Simpson’s cohorts from the program get off and it’s clear they’ve come to capture Simpson. He turns around and tells Trish to go back inside, then he pops two of his pills and shoots both guys dead.

Jessica calls Trish but Simpson answers. He says he stole Trish’s phone because he needed to talk to Jessica, but that Trish is safe and is on her way to meet Jessica. Oh she better be, or Jacob Schoeneberger will be very angry. Simpson then tells Jessica that he knows where Kilgrave is, and she says to meet her at her apartment.

Then we hear that Simpson has actually locked Trish in her own gym, which he says is the only way to keep her safe. That might actually be true, but when he leaves Trish starts hammering the door hinges to try to escape.

At her apartment, Malcolm says she owes the people who lied to the police an explanation, but Jessica doesn’t really offer one. Then Simpson arrives and he has his gun at the ready when Jessica opens the door. Jessica then questions him about Clemons’ death, but he denies being involved. But she says the fact that he showed up at Albert’s apartment means he killed Clemons because only she and Clemons knew where Trish was going. This is all well and good, Jessica, but Jake Schoeneberger just has to ask why didn’t she warn Trish about this? She knew Simpson was on a killing spree and she let Trish dangle in the wind? Not cool. How could she have known Simpson wouldn’t just kill Trish to get to her?

Now that he knows his secret is out, Simpson tries to shoot Jessica, but she kicks him first and they fight. Jessica’s ribs are hindering her ability to defend herself, and Simpson throws her through the wall. He has her in a choke hold ready to put her away when Trish arrives and clocks him with a fire extinguisher.

She gets Jessica up and they lock themselves in the bathroom. When Jessica says she’s too hurt to fight him, Trish says she still has Simpson’s pills she took from him and she’s going to take one to fight him. But he says if she takes one without having one of the blue pills to calm her down, she’ll die. But she does it anyway.

She stabs Simpson’s arm through the door and then she fights him. She punches him a lot, but he’s not hurt and then he throws her into a table. Trish does not have powers or healing ability, so Jacob Schoeneberger is starting to think this was all a really bad idea. Then Jessica slams Simpson into the wall and throws him across the room. Then she slams him with a refrigerator and knocks him out.

After the fight, Trish’s heart is racing too fast, and she starts to hyperventilate. Jessica calls an ambulance and in the drama of the moment we see another flashback scene. In it, Trish’s mother is trying to make Trish throw up, so she doesn’t gain weight but Jessica throws Trish’s mom into the wall to defend Trish. Jessica has been defending Trish for so long and now the situation is dire.

In the ambulance, Trish flatlines and the EMT asks Jessica what Trish took. Though Jessica doesn’t know exactly, she knows it was a stimulant. The EMT puts something into Trish’s IV and a second later her heart starts back up and she awakens. Dang, that was a close one.

Malcolm tries to get the group together, but no one shows. Robyn tells him he’s a fool to trust people and that there’s no good in anyone. Malcolm says if he believed that he’d kill himself. And then Robyn actually tells him that if he did that, no one would stop him. Ok, Jake Schoeneberger officially dislikes Robyn. Malcolm has been trying to help people and help her as best as he can and that’s how she treats him? Uncool.

Jessica sleeps in the hospital room to keep watch over Trish. Malcolm arrives back at the apartment building just in time to see Kozlov and his team in Jessica’s apartment collecting a still unconscious Simpson. But he doesn’t call Jessica, probably because of the horrible things Robyn said.

Then Jessica gets a text from an unknown number telling her if she hurries she can still say goodbye to her “boyfriend.” She rushes out of the hospital to Luke’s bar. He sees her, but just as he closes his window, the entire bar blows up. But Luke staggers out, still on fire. Jessica puts of the flames with her coat. Luke is ok but shaken up. Ha ha, joke’s on you, Kilgrave. Luke has powers, sucker.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

Well, Jessica didn’t get any closer to getting Kilgrave. In fact, things just got worse. Simpson is now a huge impediment, Trish nearly died, and Luke got blown up. Jacob Schoeneberger just has to ask, could things get any worse? Maybe I don’t want to know the answer to that.

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