Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 30

Jacob Schoeneberger

The August 19, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

Jessica might just hold the key to defeating Kilgrave’s mind control on Jessica Jones. Well, she better hope she does because Jacob Schoeneberger is quite disappointed at how poorly her plan to capture him went. He was never going to confess and how do you prove someone is being mind-controlled on video? Come on!

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger is currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The tenth episode begins with Kilgrave mind-controlling Hogarth as she’s about to drive away. That explains how he disappeared so quickly. And now Hogarth gets her wish of having him freed. You wanted it, you got it, Jeri. He makes her take him to a doctor. Jake Schoeneberger has to believe he’s in some serious distress here. I mean, he has both a stab wound and a gunshot wound.

Back in the safe house, Trish is flipping out because Kilgrave told her specifically to put a bullet in her head, but all the bullets have been shot so she can’t obey his order. Jessica uses some quick thinking and puts a bullet casing in her mouth, which technically means she has a bullet in her head and has performed his order, so now she can calm down.

Kilgrave’s father, Albert, wakes up and is still trying to cut his heart out as Kilgrave instructed him. Jessica subdues him and binds his hands with tape. Jessica wants to go in pursuit of Kilgrave, but Trish tells her to stop. Then Jessica relays the good news that Kilgrave can’t mind-control her anymore. At least we certainly hope not.

Hogarth takes Kilgrave to (where else?) Wendy’s house to get him medical attention. Well isn’t that convenient, Jeri, trying to kill two birds with one stone here? Kilgrave says he’ll keep his promise to her to force Wendy to sign the papers (if he feels like it).

In the safe house, Albert drops a bombshell. He says that Kilgrave’s mind-control powers are caused by the virus emitting microparticles through the air. He says they almost found the cure, but now that Jessica is showing immunity she’s the missing ingredient to finally solving the problem. Jacob Schoeneberger likes this plot point, but I’m still a little confused. Kilgrave can mind-control people he literally just meets or are in his nearby vicinity. Is this virus so contagious that people instantaneously catch it even from a number of feet away? That’s one catchy virus. Makes COVID look like child’s play.

Albert proposes getting a sample of Jessica’s blood to work on isolating an immunity inoculation. They can’t unbind his hands, though (due to the whole heart cutting out thing), so Trish will have to be his hands as he directs her.

Hilarious scene as Wendy is stitching up Kilgrave’s arm and they both commiserate on how Jeri and Jessica respectively treated them so poorly. They trade stories and generally whine about how they were mistreated. Gotta admit, Jake Schoeneberger laughed out loud during this funny scene.

But then it gets mighty serious when Kilgrave asks what Jessica wants from her and Hogarth is forced to answer honestly. She says Jessica wants him to pay for what he did to Hope, and that Hope was pregnant with his baby. She also admits to experimenting and trying to replicate his powers, but that it didn’t work, and that the remains are still in cold storage in a lab. That’s seriously low, Jeri.

Jessica calls Hogarth from a cab, but Kilgrave makes her promise not to reveal anything about his location. When Hogarth asks where Albert is, Jessica thinks on her feet and lies saying Trish took Clemons to the hospital and Albert disappeared, probably with Kilgrave. Good thinking, Jessica, Jacob Schoeneberger is very impressed with keeping your hand close to the vest with Kilgrave out there. Then Wendy comes into the room and sarcastically tells Hogarth to tell Pam she says hi, and Jessica hears her voice. Now Jessica has a pretty good idea just what’s going on there.

Unfortunately Kilgrave also knows Jessica was lying because if Albert isn’t dead that means she saved him. The doorbell rings and Kilgrave panics thinking it’s Jessica. So he tells Wendy she can kill Hogarth with a thousand cuts if she wants to. See Jeri, now you find out what Jessica warned you about from the start. But you didn’t believe her, oh no. Wendy uses her scalpel to slash Hogarth across the face.

Simpson arrives at the safe house, looking pretty much healed (those pills Kozlov gave him really did the trick). He recognizes Clemons and says he will help clean up. He’s acting very suspiciously, but it’s hard to tell whether he’s playing dumb to ensure Clemons isn’t under Kilgrave’s spell, since the door to the cage is broken and Kilgrave’s mother is dead inside, or whether he’s trying to play the situation so that he can go after Kilgrave. When Clemons reaches for his phone, Simpson pulls a gun on him and says he’s going to take Kilgrave out because trying to use the legal system won’t work with Kilgrave’s powers.

Clemons tells him that Trish is with Albert working on a vaccine so Simpson lowers the gun and apologizes to Clemons, saying that he never knows who he can trust when it comes to dealing with Kilgrave. When he asks Clemons where Trish is, Clemons tells him and then out of nowhere Simpson shoots him dead. That pretty much gave Jake Schoeneberger a heart attack. It seems whatever special ops task force Simpson works with is seriously playing for keeps. That was messed up, Simpson. He then sets fire to the place and walks out. Great, now I’m terrified for Trish.

Wendy is slashing at Hogarth over and over as she crawls away begging. It’s pretty gruesome, dying by a thousand cuts does not seem pleasant. Then there’s a pounding on the door and finally Pam breaks in and hits Wendy on the head. Jessica arrives a moment later, but it becomes obvious Pam has killed Wendy. Jessica finds out that Kilgrave has left and then reassures poor Pam that she acted solely in self-defense. But she lights into Hogarth saying what she did was straight-up murder. And she’s right. Hogarth thought she could somehow harness Kilgrave’s evil to get out of paying alimony to Wendy and look what it led to.

Malcolm is helping Robyn put up posters offering a reward for information about Ruben. It’s nice that Malcolm is trying to help Robyn, but here we go again with characters having to keep secrets. Robyn is going to hate him for this when she finds out the truth. And if there’s one thing Jacob Schoeneberger knows for sure it’s that all these characters will eventually learn the truth. Jessica comes by and asks Malcolm what he’s doing, but Malcolm said he found Robyn sobbing so he had to do something to help her feel better.

In her apartment, Kilgrave surprises Jessica by coming up behind her. She says he can’t control her anymore and he says he’s known that for some time, but she was the one who was slow on the uptake. And he knows she won’t kill him because she’s trying to free Hope. And just for his twisted fun, he also tells her if he dies he’s instructed a number of people to commit suicide.

Then he drops a major bombshell. He visited the DA and a judge to have Hope’s release papers signed. This is huge for Hope, but Jake Schoeneberger has to assume this little favor will cost with a steep price for Jessica. Of course, the price Kilgrave demands is his father’s life. He even throws in that he’ll stay as far away from Jessica as he can get, and all it costs is giving up Albert. Jessica bluffs to buy time and says she doesn’t know where Albert is, but Kilgrave says she can find him since she technically is a PI.

Pam is now in a holding cell at the precinct and when Hogarth comes to see her, Pam asks the exact question she needs to ask. How did Kilgrave even know anything about Wendy? She pieces together that Jeri wanted Kilgrave to handle the divorce papers so it was technically her fault. Then Hogarth accuses her of being the one who killed Wendy and that pretty much burns the bridge for good. Pam saved her life, and she doesn’t have the decency to be honest with her and have her back.

Jessica and Kilgrave disagree on an incident that happened when he first mind-controlled her. He believes there was a moment in time when he wasn’t controlling her and she wanted to be with him, but she tells him he was just seeing what he wanted to see and that all she wanted was to get away from him. The way he describes it angers her and she punches him out cold.

At a Kilgrave survivors’ meeting, Malcolm finally cracks and admits to the group that he helped Jessica cover up Ruben’s murder. But of course Robyn followed him and she overhears his confession and now she’s angry. See, Jacob Schoeneberger knew this moment was coming. And Robyn riles the group up by asking if Kilgrave would have hurt any of them if it wasn’t for Jessica. She gets the group to join her in going to find Jessica.

At her apartment, Jessica has Kilgrave knocked out and tied up. Malcolm knocks on the door to warn her, but the other guys from the group barge into the apartment behind him. As Jessica scuffles with the guys, Robyn clocks her on the coconut with a board and knocks her out. The Robyn finds Kilgrave and removes the tape off his mouth. Good thinking, Robyn, that’ll help everyone involved.

At Albert’s apartment, he and Trish are very close with their work, but there’s a knock on the door. Jake Schoeneberger is pretty sure it ain’t Santy Claus. Simpson better not mess up this up! He says he wants to help them make the vaccine, but Trish can tell his pupils are dilated. Simpson becomes suspicious when Albert speaks with an accent so he gets Albert to admit Kilgrave is his son. He then attacks Albert and Trish tries to defend him, but Simpson pushes Trish. She realizes he’s not himself and locks him out of the apartment. There’s obviously some good still in Simpson because he feels bad for pushing Trish and lets her lead him out of the apartment when he could have just overpowered her. And she was able to hold onto whatever pills Kozlov had put him on.

The next morning, Hope calls and wakes Jessica up. Hope has been released but Jessica isn’t there to pick her up. Jessica realizes Kilgrave is free and tells Hope to lock herself in a bathroom. She races to the prison, but Kilgrave already got her. An officer delivers a message to Jessica that he’s at their favorite restaurant and that she needs to bring his father, or all hope is lost (nice double entendre, Kilgrave).

At Albert’s apartment, he continues to formulate the vaccine now that Kilgrave’s virus has worn off on him. Trish tries to piece together what’s happening to Simpson. She says he’s part of a private research program, and Albert says the pills must activate his nervous system to make him hyperaware and raise his energy, strength, and stamina. Then there’s a knock on the door and Jessica comes in. She asks if the vaccine is ready, and he says it is but there’s only one way to test it. She then tells them that Kilgrave wants to trade Hope for Albert.

At the restaurant, Albert sprays himself with the vaccine and he and Jessica enter. Malcolm, Robyn, and the two guys from the group are on the bar with nooses around their necks and Hope sits with Kilgrave at a table. Kilgrave tells his father to come over to him, and he reluctantly does. Just then, Hope breaks a glass and stabs herself in the neck. Kilgrave orders the people on the bar to step forward and grabs his father and leaves. Jessica leaps onto the metal framework above the bar and yanks it down to save the hanging people. Then she runs to Hope to stop the bleeding in her neck. Hope says now Jessica can kill Kilgrave, and she makes Jessica promise her she will before she bleeds out and dies.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

All this is terribly disappointing. Jessica has been fighting this battle from the start for Hope. The whole point was to exonerate Hope and get her life back. How many lives could have been saved if Jessica had just written Hope off long ago and done away with Kilgrave from the start? And now Hope just kills herself? Too late for that, Hope! You’re the reason all this is happening, so that your innocence could be proven and your life salvaged. Jacob Schoeneberger is shaking his head in utter disappointment.

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