Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 29

Jacob Schoeneberger

The August 15, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

Kilgrave is now anesthetized and under Jessica’s control on Jessica Jones. It can’t all come together this easily for Jessica, can it? Jacob Schoeneberger has a feeling something has to go wrong for her, it always does!

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger is currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The ninth episode begins with Kilgrave locked in the safe house containment room Simpson procured for Jessica. She has a camera recording the room and she wants him to confess everything he’s done. And just for fun, she’s flooded the floor with water that she can electrify any time she wants. Jake Schoeneberger has to admit that’s a nice touch.

In the next scene, Trish is racing through the city. She has Simpson in her car and he’s in rough shape. Not sure how Trish knew where he was, but he wants to only see a Dr. Kozlov. When they get to the hospital, the nurse says she’s never heard of this Kozlov so that’s an interesting development.

Jessica is playing the videos from the thumb drive of Kilgrave’s parents running experiments on him in Kilgrave’s cell. It’s a form of torture and it’s clearly driving him nuts. Then Hogarth arrives in the safe house and tells Jessica any confession she gets from him will be inadmissible because it’s under duress. Then she breaks the news that the DA is offering Hope a plea deal for 20 years instead of looking at life if it goes to trial. Jessica wants to finish what she’s started so Hogarth tells her she’d need a person of authority, like a cop, to be a witness against Kilgrave. Jessica tells her to wait while she goes to get one. And btw, Hogarth, don’t talk to Kilgrave because even though his powers don’t work over the microphone you just never know what he’ll say.

Jessica goes to Clemons and even though he still thinks what happened at the precinct was a sick prank, he knows there must be something to her Kilgrave story. But because the security cameras were wiped clean leaving them without proof, he refuses to help her. Dang, Jacob Schoeneberger knew it couldn’t be that easy for Jessica.

Hogarth calls Wendy and has another fruitless conversation that goes nowhere. But Kilgrave is watching her and reading her lips the whole time and he knows from the text message he read that she’s looking for dirt on Wendy. Now he knocks on the glass looking to talk to her, and this can only go poorly for Hogarth. Might wanna leave that microphone off, Jeri. But of course she doesn’t and he’s able to tell her that his abilities could make a stubborn problem (like Wendy wanting all her money in the divorce) go away.

At the hospital, Simpson tries to convince Trish that she has to kill Kilgrave and put an end to it all. She refuses, but then when Kozlov shows up, Simpson says he wants back in, and it seems like some sort of special ops thing maybe. They make Trish leave and this situation is very interesting. What does Simpson have going on here?

Jessica arrives back at the safe house and, without options, decides she’s going into the cell with Kilgrave to try to prove he’ll mind control her. She tells Hogarth to hit the shock button if Kilgrave makes her hurt herself. Yeah but hold on, won’t it just look like she’s acting? How would this video seem like believable evidence in court? And how can she get him to do his mind control without threatening him with physical harm, in which case it would be considered duress. Jake Schoeneberger is very confused by all this.

She goes in the cell and smacks him around quite a bit, telling him to stop her with his powers. Hogarth has seen enough and tells Jessica to stop or she’ll hit the switch, but just then Trish arrives and takes control, pushing Hogarth away from the switch. Jessica starts pounding on him pretty bad and just as she’s about to crush him with a huge punch, Trish hits the switch to stop her. Well, that was a huge, pointless waste of time. Not sure why Jessica thought that would work in the first place.

Later, Trish poses the question what if they both just walked away and left him in the cell? But Hope would have to take her 20 years so Jessica won’t allow that. And that was the whole point of all this, Jessica has had several chances to kill Kilgrave if that was what she actually wanted.

After watching the videos to look for clues, Jessica deduces that Kilgrave’s parents were professors at the University of Manchester. She calls there looking for their names and a contact tells her the professors’ names who ran experiments on children in the 80’s were Albert and Louise Thompson.

Hogarth goes to the prison to advise Hope to take the plea deal the DA is offering, but Hope says she wants to talk to Jessica. Hope feels the same way Jessica does, she hasn’t come this far to lie and throw her life away. Jacob Schoeneberger has to give Hope a lot of credit, that’s a tough decision.

Hope calls Jessica saying she wants to take the plea deal to have her life back in 20 years, but Jessica tells her she has Kilgrave as her prisoner. Jessica convinces her that she’s really close to getting the reasonable doubt Hope will need in court, and to not let Kilgrave off the hook for what he did to them both. Hope agrees, but this puts a lot of pressure on Jessica to get this done.

After printing out pictures of the people with Kilgrave’s parents’ names, Jessica realizes one of them looks familiar. She makes Malcolm call a meeting of the Kilgrave survivors’ group, and there she confronts the woman who looks a lot like a picture of Kilgrave’s mother. She flees but Jessica follows her.

She confronts both of Kilgrave’s parents at their apartment. She lights into them about the tests they did on Kilgrave, but they explain that he was born with a degenerative brain disease that would have killed him before he reached the age of 12. They did an experimental treatment using a virus to repair his damaged DNA, but they didn’t realize it would have the side effect it did of giving him mind control. They tried to live with him but his demands just got worse and worse, and he made them hurt themselves so they ran away from him in fear. Now Jake Schoeneberger actually feels really bad for them. They did their best with a bad situation. Jessica tells them their irresponsible actions led Kilgrave to become what he is so she demands they come with her. Before she leaves, she sends Clemons the video of her punching Kilgrave to make him come to the safe house.

At the safe house, Hogarth shows up and tells Trish she can go get some fresh air. But we know she’s not there because Jessica invited her, so it looks like she’s going to do something stupid.

At the hospital, Simpson is talking to Kozlov, and it seems he must be part of some kind of super soldier program or something because he’s administering pills to Simpson to help him heal. He leaves the bottle of pills and Simpson starts taking more of them. Ok, you’re not gonna be Cap so just ease off there, Simpson.

Hogarth comes within inches of opening Kilgrave’s door when Jessica arrives just in time. She’s brought Kilgrave’s parents, and they agree to go in with Kilgrave. Then Clemons arrives ready to arrest Jessica, but Trish appears with her gun and makes him put his gun down. Jessica handcuffs Clemons and tells him she needs him to watch the interaction in the holding cell.

Kilgrave’s parents enter the cell, but he doesn’t take the bait. He says he’s sorry for hurting them and it’s actually a very sweet scene. But then out of nowhere his mother stabs him with scissors. He pulls them out and drops them on the floor. Then Kilgrave tells her to pick them up, but Clemons doesn’t see her doing what he tells her to do. Jacob Schoeneberger is getting frustrated now because there’s no way to prove that he controls minds. Then he tells his mother to stab herself repeatedly, but the electricity shorts out when Jessica hits the switch. Well, that’s a serious bummer.

Jessica races to get inside to stop the killing but it takes too long to unscrew the door locks. Kilgrave tells his father to use the scissors on himself too, and that’s when Trish decides to shoot him through the glass. She fires several shots to break the glass and one hits him in the arm but he’s not down. He leaves the room, tells Trish to put a bullet in her head (but luckily the gun is empty and it doesn’t fire), and tells Clemons to follow him. Jessica is able to knock Kilgrave’s father out to stop him from hurting himself, and she runs and grabs Kilgrave. He tells her to let go of him, but for a moment she’s able to resist. Then he tells Clemons to get her off him and he tackles Jessica. But she kicks him off her to go after Kilgrave.

On the street, she finds Kilgrave has gotten away. Ok, Jacob Schoeneberger is a bit confused by that because the dude got shot in the arm and should be leaving a trail of blood. He only had like a 30-second head start, max. But oh well. The important part is that Jessica now realizes that she’s gaining control over his ability to mind control her. This could be the key to stopping him.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

Wow, who could have seen this whole safe room nonsense going wrong? You better be getting over that mind control thing, Jessica, because Hope is depending on you. And Jacob Schoeneberger is getting very stressed out now that Kilgrave is back on the loose and angrier than ever.

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