Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 28

Jacob Schoeneberger

The August 12, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

Kilgrave is asserting control on Jessica Jones and things are looking bleak. It definitely has Jacob Schoeneberger on the edge of my seat. Can Jessica find a way to escape?

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment I’m currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*Jacob Schoeneberger warns this will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The eighth episode begins with Jessica trapped in her childhood home with Kilgrave. His armed security guard finds that Jessica is recording her conversations so there goes that plan to get his confession. Apparently he’s doing all this because she once told him she was happiest in that home. And we learn that Jessica’s parents and younger brother are dead. Has Jake Schoeneberger feeling really awful for her. Must be strange to be trapped with a monster in the one place she loved most and had happy memories for her.

Trish calls and Kilgrave lets Jessica answer. Trish is obviously concerned and suspects something is amiss, but she also mentions that Simpson has now disappeared as well. He took a leave of absence at work, and we have to assume he’s doing it to try to get to Kilgrave and save Jessica.

At dinner, when Jessica threatens Kilgrave, the cooks he hired both hold razors to their necks. He’s built a safeguard so that Jessica can never lift a hand toward him. She truly is completely trapped.

After dinner, Jessica finds that Simpson is hiding in her brother’s old room. He’s trying to rescue her and once again Simpson is making Jacob Schoeneberger smile. Jessica resists his help, but she needs to realize Simpson and Trish have her back and she needs to let them help instead of pushing them away.

Simpson tells her he has a bomb set up in the basement and he can kill Kilgrave, but Jessica doesn’t want anyone innocent to get hurt and she wants to free Hope so she says she’s handling it. She tells Simpson to leave, but first she takes his cell phone because Kilgrave won’t let her have hers. She then goes with Kilgrave to find the bomb. Now she has recordings on Simpson’s phone of Kilgrave talking. This plan could actually work, if she can ever get out of there.

During a very contentious meeting between Hogarth, Wendy, and their respective lawyers, Jessica sends Hogarth the recording she made of Kilgrave. Now Hogarth knows Jessica is with Kilgrave, and that could put Jessica in danger if Hogarth isn’t careful.

Trish tracks Simpson down but she’s really disappointed in him when he says that he’s trying to stay out of Jessica’s way, and he asks her to as well. Unfortunately we know that he’s in a tough spot, but it sucks that he now has to lie to Trish. Sometimes Jake Schoeneberger just wants to grab these characters and tell them to just trust each other with the truth. Too much lying to each other!

Jessica wakes up from a pretty terrifying dream in which her family shows up and says it’s her fault they died. They tell her to make it right, but I wonder what that means. What can she do to make it somehow right?

As they’re arguing, Kilgrave begins to tell Jessica about the horrors he’s lived through. While she scoffs at him, he pulls out the thumb drive he made her dig up from the abandoned factory. This is what Reva died for. On the drive are videos of a young Kilgrave being experimented on by his own parents. They were scientists who created his power of mind control. And even though he’s done very evil things, Jacob Schoeneberger actually feels pretty bad for Kilgrave. It must have been hard feeling like a lab rat his whole life.

Jessica brings Kilgrave to the scene of a hostage situation. He Jedi mind-tricks his way past some police officers and then gets the guy to release his family members. Then Jessica has a standoff with Kilgrave about what to do about the guy who took his family hostage. Kilgrave wants to make the man kill himself because he’ll never be a productive member of society, but Jessica says that’s not for him to decide. This standoff feels exactly like the conversations Murdock has with Punisher, Elektra, and Stick on Daredevil. It’s no one’s job to decide when a life has no worth. Justice is letting the law decide the fate of those who commit crimes.

Jessica ultimately wins the argument and Kilgrave tells the guy to put the gun down and turn himself over to the police. He seems unmoved but Jessica tells him he just saved four lives, and she reminds Jake Schoeneberger so much of Daredevil that I just have to smile. She and Daredevil really need to team up!

Back at the house, Kilgrave proposes they team up to stop crimes together. As much as Jessica loathes the idea, she realizes he might just have a point. She could make him do good things and use his heretofore evil power to stop crimes.

Jessica goes for a walk to think things over and has a flashback to the accident that killed her family. She was arguing with her brother in the back seat of the car which distracted her father and caused the accident. Dang, that’s really rough luck.

She winds up going to Trish’s place. She tells Trish the truth (finally) about living with Kilgrave, and Jacob Schoeneberger is pretty sure Trish’s head is about to explode. She explains the situation she’s in with Kilgrave and asks Trish’s advice. When Trish says she doesn’t know what she’d do, Jessica says she actually knows exactly what she’d do but she doesn’t want to tell Jessica she should do it.

In her office, Hogarth receives an email from Wendy threatening to go public with the jury tampering evidence if she doesn’t settle. She texts Jessica telling her to get dirt on Wendy immediately, but Kilgrave has Jessica’s phone and he reads the text.

Jessica brings Chinese food back to the house. She invites the two imprisoned chefs to eat with her and Kilgrave and after a minute they both pass out and she then injects Kilgrave with the anesthesia to knock him out too. She carries him outside, but his security guard holds a gun on her. Luckily, Simpson has been camped out and he arrives to take out the security guard just in time. Man, Jake Schoeneberger is loving Simpson more every time I see him!

Simpson tells her he can just kill Kilgrave and put an end to it, but Jessica won’t have it. She escapes from him and his military team using her super jumping ability (also quite a handy power). Then the neighbor arrives and hands Simpson a package from Kilgrave. It’s a bomb and it detonates but it’s impossible to tell if Simpson was killed.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

I sure hope Jessica knows what she’s doing. She better have a worthwhile plan in mind, because Simpson might have just gotten killed and that’s making Jacob Schoeneberger pretty mad right about now.

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