Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 27

Jacob Schoeneberger

The August 5, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

The plot has thickened on Jessica Jones and it’s hard to imagine how she’s going to set things right. Luke is angry with her, Kilgrave is obsessed with her, Hope is stuck in prison, and Hogarth is pulling some shady business. Jacob Schoeneberger is wondering just how much more can go wrong for her.

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The seventh episode begins with Kilgrave skulking around Jessica’s apartment in the dark and being generally creepy. Unfortunately, her neighbor Ruben knocks on the door with banana bread for her. Kilgrave answers the door and Ruben admits he loves Jessica. Oh brother, this isn’t going to be good.

Meanwhile, Jessica gets kicked out of a bar for being too drunk. Then she tails Hogarth’s wife, Wendy, trying to get dirt on her to facilitate an easier divorce for Hogarth. But instead of just watching her, Jessica decides to threaten her. She holds her over the tracks in the subway, but she’s so drunk she accidentally drops her as the train approaches. She’s able to jump onto the tracks and throw Wendy to safety but then she seriously considers letting the train run her over. Jake Schoeneberger may feel really bad for Jessica, but in this moment she’s letting her own feelings come dangerously close to hurting other innocent people.

Malcolm finds her passed out in the elevator later and helps her to her apartment. When she falls into her bed she finds poor Ruben there already dead. He’s holding a knife which Kilgrave apparently made him use on himself. That’s a real bummer because Ruben seemed like a genuinely good guy. Jessica knows immediately that it was Kilgrave, and she breaks down. It’s wearing her nerves too thin to have to keep fighting an enemy that’s not only seemingly impossible to beat, but also is inside her head.

Jessica decides that she needs to go to a Supermax prison with maximum security where the only way Kilgrave can get to her is to come there himself and be on camera using his mind control powers. Hmmm, interesting plan I guess but how is she going to get herself locked up in just the right prison? She reaches out to Clemons, the lead detective who questioned her about Hope’s parents and is already suspicious of her.

At her apartment, Trish tells Simpson she has a lead on Kilgrave. She pretended she needed a new security firm and was able to ask just the right questions to figure out who Kilgrave’s new security detail is. Now Simpson says that he could follow these people and hopefully one of them will lead him to Kilgrave. Jacob Schoeneberger is thoroughly impressed with Trish’s work here, but I wish Jessica would stop taking things like this for granted. Trish and Simpson, and even Luke, could help her a lot more than she realizes. And we know she doesn’t want to put any of them in danger, but they all want to take Kilgrave down too.

Jessica visits Hogarth telling her she needs a lawyer and asking how she can get into a Supermax prison. Hogarth strongly advises Jessica against going to a hell-on-earth prison, but Jessica tells her to meet her at the precinct at 8:00 when she’s going to talk to Clemons.

Wendy comes to Hogarth’s office, but instead of the divorce papers she brings printouts from an old email account which show that Hogarth bribed a juror in one of her earliest cases. Wendy is angry about how Jessica threatened her, so now she’s threatening Hogarth’s career.

Jessica goes to see Trish’s mother to threaten her to leave Trish alone. Apparently, Jessica had to get Trish away from her mother because her mother was using her to get publicity, and now Jessica has to make sure Trish is safe from her in case she has to go to prison. This really gets Jake Schoeneberger thinking about how Trish and Jessica have both really saved each other’s lives. They’ve seen each other through some hard times.

Trish calls Simpson to see if he’s had any luck locating Kilgrave. He lies and says he’s been following the security detail but hasn’t seen any sign of Kilgrave, when in reality he’s at Kilgrave’s new house and sees him working with the movers. Looks like Simpson wants to take matters into his own hands and just kill Kilgrave, instead of capturing him and making him face justice like Trish and Jessica want. This is unfortunate. Trish and Jessica want to help Hope and put an end to Kilgrave’s power, but Simpson just thinks he needs to be finished off once and for all. This will drive a wedge between him and Trish.

In desperation, Malcolm calls Trish and asks her to come to Jessica’s apartment. He shows her Ruben and says that Jessica plans on taking the fall to go to prison.

When Jessica arrives, Trish has already gotten rid of Ruben’s body and cleaned the place up. Jessica is upset that Trish spoiled her plan. But Trish says Jessica can’t help Hope from prison, and she can’t protect anyone from prison. Trish tells her about the security detail lead and how Simpson is following them. But Jessica is unconvinced and just wants to take herself out of the equation so no one else gets hurt because of her. She asks Trish where Ruben’s body is, but we see Malcolm pushing his body into the water weighted down by cinder blocks. Jessica catches up to Ruben and dives in anyway, retrieving Ruben.

She carries Ruben’s head into the precinct and drops it on Clemons’ desk. Dang Jessica, that’s some cold-blooded, gross stuff right there. Jacob Schoeneberger nearly passed out when he saw that.

In the interrogation room, Hogarth wants a psych eval for Jessica and says she plans on using the insanity plea, but Jessica waives her right to counsel and says she’ll defend herself. She’s gunning for that sweet Supermax sentence. So Clemons makes Hogarth leave.

But as they’re talking, Clemons is suspicious of Jessica’s motives. Well of course he is, he’s smelled a rat this whole time. But Jessica says, “There is a power inside me, and it just takes over. Supermax is the only place strong enough to hold me.” When Clemons questions her, she breaks out of the handcuffs and bends her metal chair in half to prove she has superstrength.

Then, completely unexpectedly, our old pal Mahoney comes in (made Jake Schoeneberger very happy to see him) and says Jessica is free to go on the captain’s orders. She gets the shock of her life when she walks out into the precinct to find every cop aiming a gun at each other or at their own heads. Kilgrave has gotten to them! And right on cue he shows up.

She asks him to let everyone go and just take it out on her. But much to Jessica’s horror, he says he has no intention of mind-controlling or torturing her because he loves her. He says he’s the only one that matches her, that challenges her, and that would do anything for her. When she left him to die she made him feel something he’s never felt before: yearning. So now he’s completely obsessed with her and wants her to come to him. He also says he left a present in her apartment and she needs to go look for it. Then he tells all the police present that in 30 seconds they’ll all realize this whole thing was nothing but a joke and let Jessica leave. And he leaves. Yeesh, you feel like you need a shower after every scene he’s in. Tennant is so good in the role.

At her apartment, Jessica finds what he left her. It’s the box she dug up in the abandoned warehouse. Inside it is Jessica’s old diary from when she was younger.

Then Ruben’s sister, Robyn, comes to Jessica’s apartment. She thinks Jessica was dating Ruben and she wants to know where he is. The scene is really heartbreaking. Robyn is angry with Jessica yet pleading for her help and it really just made Jacob Schoeneberger want to cry. Jessica is struck with emotion too and has to leave.

She heads to the only place she knows Kilgrave could have found her journal: her childhood home. Kilgrave is there waiting for her, and he takes her inside. Luckily, Simpson was watching the house and sees Jessica go in.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

Jessica is deep in Kilgrave’s power now. Hopefully Simpson can come up with a plan to rescue her. The whole thing has Jacob Schoeneberger very worried!

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