Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 26

Jacob Schoeneberger

The August 1, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

Now that Kilgrave is back talking to Jessica, I’m really loving Jessica Jones. He adds such an element of suspense and terror, it’s like the audience never knows what could happen next. Every minute of the show has Jacob Schoeneberger on the edge of my seat.

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger is currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The sixth episode begins with Kilgrave at a high-stakes poker game with some rich dudes in suits. Ok, that’s not fair. He has mind control; this isn’t even a contest. He has all the players go all in, then forces them all to fold so he can take the million-dollar pot. That’s just too easy. You see, this is why Jake Schoeneberger never gambles. You never know when you might be playing against someone with mind control powers.

In her apartment, Jessica and Malcolm discuss catching Kilgrave. Luke shows up looking to hire her. She tries to refer him to someone else, but he needs her to handle it discreetly and be able to defend herself if it gets rough. He needs her to find someone named Antoine Grier who got into debt with a loan shark and has now disappeared. He tries to pay her, but she says she owes him a favor. Now why can’t these crazy kids make it work? They’d make such an awesome couple. I know she’s protecting him (and herself) from Kilgrave, and I know she’s hiding a pretty big secret, but he clearly cares about her and could really help her in her fight. He’d have her back if only she’d open up and let him in.

Then Hogarth calls Jessica to tell her Hope was attacked in prison. The next day Jessica goes to the prison but meets Hogarth out front. Hogarth bribed a guard to tell her that an inmate named Garcia beat up Hope. Jessica is concerned Kilgrave will get to one of the inmates to take out Hope, but Hogarth says Garcia received no visitors so this can’t be a Kilgrave thing.

Jessica goes into the prison but meets with Garcia before she meets with Hope. She forcefully tells Garcia to stop beating up Hope, but Garcia says Hope paid her for the beatdown. Jessica then asks Hope why she would have used Jessica’s money to pay Garcia to beat her up, and Hope tells her she’s pregnant. This is a huge bombshell and Jacob Schoeneberger’s jaw dropped wide open. Hope just wants her pregnancy to end because she can’t stand what Kilgrave did to her.

Then Jessica heads to Antoine’s apartment to look for clues. Luke is already there, but within minutes Jessica deduces that he packed up his toothbrush and toothpaste so he wasn’t kidnapped. And she finds raffle drawing slips in his garbage so she calls his cell saying that he won an Xbox raffle and asking him to call back. Pretty slick thinking right there.

On the street, the loan shark (Sirkes) who Antoine owes money to shows up. Sirkes says he didn’t do anything to Antoine because then he wouldn’t get his money. They make a deal that Jessica will track down Antoine and take five percent of the money owed to Sirkes.

Luke gives Jessica a ride home on his Harley and c’mon, this guy’s too awesome to resist! At her apartment building, Malcolm approaches Luke and asks if he’s spoken to any British guys. Malcolm defends Jessica and tells Luke how she saved his life. Then Luke asks if this has anything to do with this Kilgrave he keeps hearing about, but we don’t hear what Malcolm’s reply is.

Later that night, Luke comes to Jessica’s door and says he knows about what Kilgrave did to her and Malcolm. He realizes that she tried to tell him about Kilgrave when they were together, but he shut her down. She says she’s done terrible things, but he defends her. It’s good to hear him on her side, brings a smile to the face of old Jake Schoeneberger. Now she really needs to be honest with him. Then they finally kiss and spend the night together.

The next morning, Antoine calls Jessica’s phone for his Xbox and she’s able to get him to give her an address. But Jessica recognizes that the caller has a Puerto Rican accent so it’s someone else using Antoine’s phone, which might mean Antoine could be dead.

After hearing this, Luke explains that Antoine’s sister, who asked him to find Antoine, isn’t really Luke’s friend. She’s just someone who has evidence that his wife’s death wasn’t just an accident. Luke tells her a story about how he was looking through Reva’s things after she died and found an envelope with his name on it. Inside the envelope was a paper with instructions to dig in the foundation of the warehouse on the corner of where she was found dead in the accident.

This triggers Jessica to have a flashback. In it, we find Luke’s wife, Reva, is with Kilgrave while Jessica digs up the foundation in that very warehouse Luke is describing. Under the concrete they find a box and in it is a thumb drive which Kilgrave takes. Outside, Kilgrave tells Jessica to kill Reva and she does. Now Jacob Schoeneberger is totally intrigued. It seems Reva had information on a thumb drive that she buried. But Kilgrave found it and then had Jessica take her out. The plot thickens. Jessica wants desperately for Luke not to learn the truth, but I hate to say that eventually he’ll have to know.

Outside her apartment, Jessica lights into Malcolm about not telling people her life story. He takes the point and says he found the Kilgrave survivors group helpful. She says she prefers to just self-medicate and not complain because other people have it worse. Then Malcolm says something profound when he tells her, “It’s not a competition.” That’s great advice and it’s something everyone should remember. Just because others have had it worse, doesn’t mean you should minimize what you’ve gone through, or not take the necessary steps to help yourself heal. Jessica is not going to get better by avoiding the facts with Luke, or by drinking instead of admitting what Kilgrave did to her has hurt her to the core. Gotta admit these things.

At the hospital, Hogarth has gotten Hope a pill to end her pregnancy. It will make Hope really sick so Jessica insists Hogarth stay with her to support her. Hogarth and Jessica both like to pretend they have no hearts, but deep down they both care.

Then something curious happens. Kilgrave goes to a man’s home and actually offers to buy his home totally legit with the $1.2 million he got in the card game, which is more than twice what the home is worth. This has Jake Schoeneberger scratching his head because obviously Kilgrave could have just mind-controlled the guy and moved right into the home. But he wants it totally legal. Oh no, is he planning on making Jessica move into this home with him so they can play the happy couple? Eww, gross thought.

Luke and Jessica find the guy at the address he gave them, but he takes off when he finds there’s no Xbox. Jessica wants to follow him alone, but Luke insists on being involved so they hop on Luke’s motorcycle. They follow him to an abandoned building but when they break in they find hundreds of marijuana plants growing inside. They also find Antoine because the Xbox guy was just his partner in their weed business.

But Sirkes was following them the whole time and he shows up with a bunch of thugs. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t bring enough thugs to deal with the likes of Jessica and Luke. They beat up the whole lot of them and Jessica gets away with Antoine. She brings Antoine to Serena and demands what Serena promised to give Luke. If Jessica’s plan was to destroy whatever evidence Serena has, it backfires because Luke arrives just moments later. If you ask Jacob Schoeneberger this is actually better for Jessica. It’s one thing to not tell Luke what you did when you were brainwashed by Kilgrave, but to destroy proof and keep Luke from finding the truth is actually way worse. Better she doesn’t have that on her conscience.

Turns out, Serena gave Luke evidence that the bus driver was actually drunk at the time of the accident. Now Luke believes that it was the bus driver’s fault that Reva died, because he caused the accident by being drunk. Luke leaves and then Serena tells Jessica that the MTA covered up the accident and never even reported the bus driver’s blood alcohol level. Serena thinks Luke will now go kill the bus driver, Wallace. Well, that’s just great.

Luke gets on Wallace’s bus and rides until all the other passengers depart. Luke confronts Wallace and Wallace apologizes saying he’s sorry for what he did and that he’s sober now and just trying to make things right. But Luke throws him through the windshield. Then Jessica arrives and helps Wallace up. She tries to reason with Luke but he’s out for blood. Now Jessica is left with the choice to either let Wallace die or tell Luke the truth.

Jessica comes through and finally admits she was the one who killed Reva. She explains to Luke that Reva had something Kilgrave wanted, made her take him there, and then had Jessica kill her after he got what he wanted. Luke is obviously furious, but he asks the exact question that is the most important. If he hadn’t found out about Wallace, would she have ever told him the truth? She doesn’t answer, but her non-answer speaks volumes. He says something truly hurtful to her and walks away. Not that he doesn’t have a right to be mad, but Jake Schoeneberger feels really bad that Jessica had to hear that. She did try to do the right thing and she didn’t mean to fall for him the way she did.

Then something really kind of freaky happens. At the prison, Hogarth pays a nurse to collect what she can of the fetus and deliver it to an address. I seriously doubt she’s doing this for reasons involving Hope’s case. She probably wants Kilgrave’s DNA for more nefarious reasons. I hope I’m wrong, but what else could she be doing here?

The final scene of the episode shows Kilgrave in his new home. He peels back some wallpaper and we find height measurements that show how tall Jessica was at certain ages. So this must be the house Jessica grew up in. Super creepy, Kilgrave, seriously.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

Kilgrave has some sinister plans involving Jessica, Hogarth has shown some shadiness, and the show has surprises up its sleeve at every turn. Definitely keeping Jacob Schoeneberger on his toes every step of the way.

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