Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 24

Jacob Schoeneberger

The July 25, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

The tension is seriously building on Jessica Jones. I honestly didn’t expect to like this show as much as I do Daredevil, but Jacob Schoeneberger has to admit this show is incredibly enthralling.

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger is currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The fourth episode begins with Jessica using the pictures taken of her to trace her way through the city to see where they were taken. She finds that they were taken from numerous vantage points, but fortunately there are no pictures of Luke so he should be safe.

At her office, Jessica meets someone named Audrey Eastman, who was referred to Jessica by her divorce lawyer who works with Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz. Audrey wants Jessica to get pictures of her husband cheating on her. Jessica is suspicious at first, thinking Audrey could be sent by Kilgrave, but she accepts the job. Definitely has Jake Schoeneberger imagining what it must be like to think everyone you meet could be an assassin sent to get you. Must be rough for Jessica.

Then she gets a phone call from Trish saying the cop that sent Kilgrave to kill her is back. Jessica arrives as Simpson is trying to break through the door, but she realizes he wasn’t sent by Kilgrave, he just thinks Trish is dead inside. When Jessica and Trish open the door, Simpson is seriously confused. Jessica tells him the truth of what happened to him because she can tell how distraught he is that he almost killed Trish. After hearing about Kilgrave, Simpson wants to help protect Trish, but Jessica turns him away and says she’ll handle it.

Jessica convinces Trish to apologize on air to get Kilgrave to call off his vendetta against her. In her apology she actually compliments Kilgrave, and you can see how that galls both her and Jessica but it was a step she had to take.

Jessica barges into Hogarth’s office to confirm that Audrey really is a client of the firm because the last people referred to her wound up dead. Hogarth does confirm Audrey is a client, but she asks why Jessica is so paranoid. Umm hello, Jeri! Jessica is squarely in Kilgrave’s crosshairs, and you know it. You’d be paranoid too. Hogarth has Jacob Schoeneberger shaking his head at her actions. First forcing Jessica’s hand to testify at Hope’s trial, now calling her paranoid. What happened to you, Jeri? You used to be cool.

As she’s following Audrey to make sure she isn’t controlled by Kilgrave, Jessica has an idea. She calls Simpson asking if he’ll still help even though her idea is technically not legal. He agrees so she asks him to pull police surveillance footage of her from the security cameras they have placed around town. She’s hoping Kilgrave’s spy will be in one of the videos.

Jessica follows Audrey to an empty warehouse where Audrey starts shooting mannequins with a handgun. Jessica surmises that even if Audrey isn’t under Kilgrave’s power, she’s probably planning on shooting someone, probably her husband.

Hogarth calls Jessica back to her office. There are tons of people there claiming they were mind-controlled by Kilgrave. Jessica suggests she interview them to see if any are legit, but Jeri scoffs at the idea because after Trish’s radio show everyone is using being mind-controlled as an alibi for everything. But Jeri makes her a deal that if Jessica will dig up dirt on Wendy because their divorce is becoming contentious then she can sit in on the interviews. Most of the people are completely lying, but there are a few that seem legit. Jessica makes them form a support group, but mostly she just wants them all together so she can glean information about Kilgrave from them.

Later Simpson brings her the videos from the security cameras, but he flips out on Malcolm thinking he was spying when really he was just high. Jessica tells him to come to the victim support group meeting. She watches the videos but doesn’t have any luck finding the spy.

As she’s walking down the sidewalk, she’s approached by a young girl with a message from Kilgrave. The girl says Trish is safe because Kilgrave liked her apology, but then yells at Jessica because she left Kilgrave to die in that bus accident. Jessica is seriously freaked out and rightfully so. Then the girl gives her a mysterious message saying, “It’s Friday. Don’t you have a job to do?” But Jessica doesn’t know what this means.

Simpson brings a gift to Trish’s apartment, but Trish can’t let him in. She makes him leave the gift on the floor and walk away so she can retrieve it. When she opens it, she finds a handgun inside. He tells her, “I just want you to feel safe.” He seems like a genuinely good guy.

Jessica follows Audrey’s husband, Carlo, to where he meets his supposed mistress. But as she’s trying to get pictures of him cheating, Audrey calls her cell phone and asks where she is. Jessica can tell Audrey is inside the room with Carlo so she barges in. Audrey has a gun pointed at her and I have to say, Jake Schoeneberger is a bit confused. If you know it’s a trap, why walk right into it?

Audrey shoots Jessica in the shoulder, but it turns out she’s not working for Kilgrave. She just found out through Spheeris that Jessica has powers so now she wants to kill her. Audrey is angry because her mother was killed in Loki’s attack on New York, but Jessica says she wasn’t even there. Definitely a laugh out loud moment for Jacob Schoeneberger when Jessica tells Audrey to go after “the big green guy or the flag waver.” Hilarious.

Jessica is able to disarm Audrey and then she tears the place apart to scare them. She spares their lives but tells them they better disappear or she’s coming back with all her “gifted” friends to take them out. But something tells me Audrey got the message.

Hours later, we find that Trish and Simpson are still talking through the door. After they talk, Trish says she doesn’t blame him for what happened. She knows what Kilgrave is capable of. To show him she trusts him, she opens the door and lets him in.

In the support group meeting, one guy tells the story about how Kilgrave got in his car and made him abandon his son on the sidewalk then be Kilgrave’s chauffeur for a week. Jessica jumps in wanting to know details of where this guy drove Kilgrave. He’s able to tell her that every day Kilgrave met a guy who wore a scarf with blue and white stripes.

Jessica goes back to the surveillance video and finds the guy with the blue and white striped scarf. It’s a huge bombshell when she realizes that it’s Malcolm. Jake Schoeneberger did not see that big twist coming! Jessica sheds a tear as the episode ends.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

The series not only draws you in with clever writing, but by finding emotion beneath it all. You don’t expect Jessica to care about Malcolm as much as she does, and now that she knows Kilgrave got to him her emotions become the viewer’s emotions. Jacob Schoeneberger shed a tear the same way she did.

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