Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 23

Jacob Schoeneberger

The July 22, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

The first two episodes of Jessica Jones have been riveting. I really knew nothing about this character going into watching this, but everything about this series has already drawn me in. Just as in Daredevil, it features great acting, riveting characters, a mysterious antagonist, and enough twists and turns to have Jacob Schoeneberger guessing about what will happen next.

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment Jacob Schoeneberger is currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The third episode begins right where the last episode left off. Jessica and Luke begin to test their strengths against one another in a seductive dance that turns into more. In the next scene they’re out getting some food comparing their experiences to gauge just how many powers and strengths they each have. And they establish that Jessica attained her powers through an accident, and Luke attained his through an experiment. Their chemistry is undeniable, and they make a very cool, very intriguing couple.

But when Jessica looks in his bathroom mirror, she finds a picture of a woman she recognizes as the victim in the bus crash that injured Kilgrave. Sure enough, Luke tells her that the woman in the picture died in a bus crash.

The next day, after reading and hearing how Hope is being portrayed in the media, Jessica goes to Hogarth’s office demanding that Hogarth defend Hope publicly. Hogarth refuses but she brings up Jessica agreeing to testify on Hope’s behalf in the trial because Jessica is also Kilgrave’s victim. This is a compelling development, but something is telling Jake Schoeneberger that that might be exactly what Kilgrave wants from this situation.

Jessica goes to Trish’s place to ask Trish to do a show about Hope and the concept of mind control. Trish balks but says she’ll consider it, but then Jessica sees the bruises from training all over Trish’s arms. Trish shows her how much she’s been training, and Jessica is impressed. Something tells me Trish will be doing some serious fighting pretty soon.

Then Jessica goes to see Hogarth’s wife, Wendy, who is a doctor. Wendy and Hogarth are in the midst of some big marital problems, as was evidenced in the first episode when we saw Hogarth and her assistant fooling around. Jessica says that if Wendy gives her the surgical anesthesia Jessica needs, it might look like a helpful gesture in Hogarth’s eyes. When Wendy doesn’t budge, Jessica tells her the anesthesia is the only way to stop a very bad guy. But Wendy says she can’t get access to anesthesia so she writes a prescription for an anti-psychotic for Jessica instead. Wendy gets serious respect from Jacob Schoeneberger because that was one sick burn. But also hilarious when Jessica takes the prescription slip “just in case.”

The next day Trish calls to tell Jessica that Hogarth set up a live interview with Hope. Jessica doesn’t love the idea, but Trish insists she’s just doing what Jessica asked, defending Hope.

Jessica goes to talk to Luke, and he tells her that the woman in the photo was his wife. Dang, that really makes you feel awful for him. Jessica doesn’t really comment on it but asks if Luke knows any drug dealers that could get their hands on the anesthesia she needs. He says he can’t help her there, but they wind up in bed together again.

Afterward, he senses that there’s something she hasn’t been telling him and asks her about it. She finally tells him that she’s worried there’s someone out there with mind control abilities. He deduces it has something to do with what the police questioned him about, how Hope shot her parents but said she was controlled. Jessica doesn’t tell him she was controlled by Kilgrave, but she does say she believes Hope.

Trish’s interview with Hope goes well. Hope is able to give her side of the story and say she didn’t want to kill her parents, but Kilgrave’s influence over her mind made her do it. But listening to the interview is clearly torturing Jessica. You can clearly see she’s reliving her own experiences hearing Hope describe hers, and it seriously makes Jake Schoeneberger’s skin crawl to imagine another person having control over your mind and actions.

Then Hogarth drops a bombshell. She speaks to Trish on air and states that Hope is clearly delusional. When Trish asks what if Hope is telling the truth, Hogarth says that the only way to prove that is if others come forward to testify that Kilgrave controlled their minds too. This is clearly a message to Jessica. Now Jessica has no choice but to testify or Hogarth would have to use an insanity defense.

This triggers Trish to say she believes Kilgrave is real, and she rants about how sick and twisted he is. Jessica can’t take this so she rushes into the studio to unplug Trish’s microphone because she doesn’t want Kilgrave coming after Trish for what she’s saying about him. And right on cue, Kilgrave calls into Trish’s show. His voice alone is enough to scare the heck out of everyone and he issues a very plain threat to Trish. Jessica is angry at Trish for putting herself in Kilgrave’s crosshairs. She escorts Trish back to her apartment, but on the way a fan grabs Trish by the shoulder so she punches him in self-defense. Her nerves are on edge due to Kilgrave’s threat.

Later, when helping her neighbor Malcolm into his apartment after he got too high, Jessica gets the idea that she can use him to cause a distraction at the hospital. She takes him there then pushes him into a nurse pushing a tray of medications. During the commotion, Jessica slips away into a supply room and gets the anesthesia she needs. But as she’s leaving, Malcolm sees her as he’s being tended to, and his look tells her he knows she used him. That look is enough to make Jacob Schoeneberger pretty mad at Jessica for exploiting a friend. I realize it’s to take out Kilgrave, who’s a serious danger to all. But it’s still pretty low to use a friend that way, especially one who’s in rough shape like Malcolm is.

A cop, Simpson, shows up at Trish’s apartment to question her about her “assault” on the fan who grabbed her. She wants to speak to him through the intercom, but he insists she has to let him in. The second she opens the door he attacks her. Trish holds her own and uses her training to fight back, but the clearly brainwashed officer overpowers her and is about to strangle her when Jessica shows up. She throws Simpson off Trish and asks where Kilgrave is, but he says he can’t tell her.

Jessica thinks on her feet and puts Trish to sleep with a dose of the anesthesia from a syringe without Simpson seeing her. She then tells him that he killed Trish so he walks away. Jessica then follows him out the door and puts a phone in his pocket so she can track him. Jessica listens in through the phone she planted to what Simpson is saying, and she follows him as he walks the streets. This was pretty tricky thinking on Jessica’s part and Jake Schoeneberger has to tip his cap to how well she played this situation. But seriously, anesthesia is no joke and should only be administered by trained professionals, Jessica.

Simpson enters a building so Jessica follows close behind and is able to listen to what Kilgrave is saying and look down at him from a skylight. After Simpson tells Kilgrave that Trish is dead, Kilgrave tells Simpson to jump off the balcony so Jessica comes to rescue him. From the balcony she comes face to face with Kilgrave once again.

This triggers a flashback scene which reveals an enormous bombshell. In her memory Jessica sees Kilgrave telling her to kill Luke’s wife, so Jessica punches her incredibly hard in the chest. She realizes what she’s done and walks away from Kilgrave. He follows her into the road and that’s what causes the bus crash that injures him. But unfortunately we now know Luke’s wife didn’t die from the bus crash, but from Jessica’s punch. It’s a heartbreaking revelation and it definitely has Jacob Schoeneberger shedding a tear for both Luke and Jessica. This also shows us why Jessica is so afraid of testifying on Hope’s behalf.

In the present, Jessica has to take her eyes off Kilgrave in order to keep Simpson from jumping. She knocks Simpson out but in that moment Kilgrave disappears. She follows him but has to fight through several brainwashed people that are protecting him.

Then she hears a printer whirring from a nearby room so she enters it only to find hundreds of pictures of her pinned all over the walls. There are pictures of her on the street, taken by someone hidden from her sight. The picture that was printing comes out and it’s another picture of Jessica with the words “see you later” on it. Kilgrave is clearly obsessed with Jessica and is bent on taking his revenge and taking over her life.

After she sees this, she throws Simpson onto a pile of garbage and tells him he jumped but she caught him. She wants him to forget the whole situation, but he’s remembering what he did while under Kilgrave’s spell.

She then goes to Luke’s apartment. It seems like she wants to confess to him what happened, but instead she just breaks things off with him saying she has unfinished business to attend to. He isn’t happy about it, but just says, “Do what you gotta do.” Really makes Jake Schoeneberger feel even worse for both of these two. Jessica is running away from a problem she needs to face head on.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day

This show is finding new, inventive ways to draw the viewer into every episode. The glimpses they’ve given us of Kilgrave make him a terrifying and gripping antagonist. The acting is great, and the writing is slick, and it really makes Jacob Schoeneberger want to watch new episodes every day. If only there were more hours in a day!

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