Random Entertainment Thoughts from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 22

Jacob Schoeneberger

The July 18, 2022 installment of Jake Schoeneberger’s random entertainment opinions

After watching the first couple seasons of the Daredevil show, Jacob Schoeneberger knew he had to start watching Jessica Jones as well. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised with the first episode! It’s mysterious, engaging, and Ritter is great in the role. Looks like this series will give Jacob Schoeneberger more of everything he loved about Daredevil, with awesome new characters to enjoy.

With that in mind, here are some random thoughts about the entertainment I’m currently consuming.

This Installment’s Edition of Jake Schoeneberger Has Been Living Under a Rock Features: Jessica Jones
*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The second episode begins with Jessica in an interrogation room being asked questions by a police detective about Hope and her parents. While they have nothing incriminating on Jessica, they’re trying to sort out what happened. They went through Jessica’s belongings and found some of the pictures she has of the bartender she slept with, who she was also investigating.

When she gets back to her office, the police are speaking to the bartender. When they leave, Jessica explains to him that she was hired by a woman’s husband to spy on him to see if she was cheating with him. He had no idea she was married, but he is angry that Jessica got involved with him in the first place if she was investigating him and he has every right.

Jessica heads to the prison to speak with Hope, hoping to get some answers about Kilgrave. When Jessica tells Hope that what happened to her parents is not her fault, she answers, “I know. It’s yours. He said you left him there to die. You should have stayed to make sure.” Jessica previously said Kilgrave came back from the dead and now we know Jessica could have killed him. So now he’s angry and Jake Schoeneberger is both confused and intrigued.

Jessica then goes to Hogarth insisting that she take Hope’s case and prove she’s innocent because Kilgrave brainwashed her. Hogarth resists saying it’s an unwinnable case, but Jessica convinces her to take on the case if Jessica can prove that this mysterious Kilgrave is real.

Trish comes to the office because she heard about the murders and is worried about Jessica. Trish asks Jessica to move in with her because she has better security, but Jessica insists she’s not safe anywhere. She’s pushing Trish away because she believes everyone in her life is now in danger because Kilgrave is back.

The married woman who the bartender was seeing comes to his bar, but he refuses her and tells her that her husband hired Jessica. Then another patron finally calls him by his name: Luke. I knew it was him; I was just waiting for confirmation. This makes Jacob Schoeneberger very happy!

Jessica begins to piece together what happened on the night of the bus accident that injured Kilgrave. In a flashback we see her walking away from him and he follows her into the road in front of a speeding bus which tips over, injuring several people and killing one. She goes to the hospital nearest the accident site to investigate.

She’s able to get into the computer system to see the files from the night of the crash, but no John Doe was admitted to that hospital. She is able to get information on the other people who were admitted though. From this she’s able to figure out the driver of one of the ambulances and she goes to his house to talk to him.

But she speaks to his mother and realizes that the ambulance driver, Jack, disappeared with the ambulance and then three weeks later turned up without either of his kidneys which caused him to have a stroke. Well, that’s curious. When Jessica talks to him, he’s able to scratch out the letters k-i-l. Jessica assumes that means Kilgrave, and it very well might, but he then adds m-e. It’s obvious Jack is very distraught at what Kilgrave has done to him. Jessica gets the serial number off his dialysis machine which was anonymously donated to him.

The woman that Luke was seeing comes to Jessica’s office and says that her husband didn’t hire her. So either someone else did, or Jessica made the whole thing up to mess with Luke and get him to herself. The woman’s husband is bringing his entire rugby team to kick Luke’s butt (well, they may be in for a nasty surprise there), so Jessica races down to his bar.

Jessica arrives just in time to watch Luke beat the heck out of all the guys. She helps, but it’s not like Luke needed much help. One guy stabs Luke with a broken bottle but it doesn’t even break the skin. Something tells me this guy is definitely going to be on the Jake Schoeneberger favorite characters list soon.

Jessica is able to get the name of the prescribing doctor, Kurata, from the dialysis machine company and goes to visit him. He’s teaching a class and when Jessica enters, he runs. She follows him into the basement where he’s hiding. She asks him why he was once one of the best surgeons in NY, but now he’s teaching an undergrad course. She asks him what he’s hiding from, and he asks, “Is he here?”

She says that he was supposed to be dead according to the death certificate Kurata signed. But Kurata says Kilgrave had pictures of Jessica and that he was obsessed with her. When she assures him that Kilgrave isn’t with her, he confesses that Kilgrave made him remove Jack’s kidneys because Kilgrave’s kidneys were injured in the accident. Kurata says Kilgrave refused to be put under anesthesia during the surgery because it shuts down brain functions. Jessica realizes that that’s Kilgrave’s weakness. She makes a phone call to Hogarth and forces Kurata to tell Hogarth everything that happened.

After she hears Kurata’s testimony, Hogarth goes to see Hope in prison. She says Jessica sent her. Now that Hope realizes there are others involved, she’s willing to talk to Hogarth.

Jessica sees the new window Trish bought for her and calls her to say thanks. They have a nice talk and we then find that Trish is working heavily with a trainer teaching her self-defense and martial arts. That’s good to know that she’ll be able to defend herself if need be.

We then see Kilgrave’s power in action. He enters a family’s home and they do exactly what he says just by him telling them. It’s like he has Jedi mind tricks on steroids, and honestly Jacob Schoeneberger is actually pretty impressed. That’s a formidable power, and it’s hard to imagine how Jessica will be able to fight it.

Later, Luke shows up at Jessica’s apartment to ask her how she was strong enough to dispatch the guys at his bar so easily. And he knows that she saw his powers too. He even picks up a circular saw and shows how it only throws off sparks when he holds it to his skin. Now they know each other’s secrets and the episode comes to a very cool dramatic end.

The Jake Schoeneberger Random Entertainment Thought of the Day
This show is already layering storylines and characters really well. It has great pacing, and it now has a truly terrifying antagonist. If Jacob Schoeneberger were a betting man, he’d say this show is going to be a fun ride!

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